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Cagiva mito 125 Cylinder Barrels , Cylinder heads and exhaust information

Cagiva Mito 125 Cylinder barrel Codes And Models 

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Myth naked '89, '90 Denim Mito, Mito '90-'91 - 60431 60433 54888 54946

Mito Lucky Explorer '91 Myth: Eddie Lawson '92 - 67131 66650E 54888 64818

'92 Myth II, Myth II: Lucky Explorer '92 - 72970 72625 54888 72642

Myth II Sp '91-'92 - 72666 72626 72627

Myth II Replica '93 (all versions), Myth II: Evolution '94;
'94-'98 Mito Ev, Ev Mito Lucky Explorer '96 - 73034 73037 72626 73038

Myth II Sp '93,Mito Ev SP '94 - 75622 75666

Mito Ev SP '95-'96 - 81781 81782 81982 81785

Mito Ev SP '97-'99 - 90206 90087 91876 81785

Mito Ev SP 2000-2001 - 97741 90087 96963 96884

Mito Ev 1999-2007 - A0400 A0401 A0402 64818

Mito SP525 2008 -.... A0400 A0401 A0402 A8668

32mm exhaust port hole,6-port, height 91mm 60433 '89~'92 ('93 at Freccia FY)
35mm exhaust port hole,8-port, height 91mm 66650 '90
35mm exhaust port hole,8-port, height 91mm 66650 Europe '90~'94
35mm exhaust port hole,8-port, height 91mm 72625 '92~'94
35mm exhaust port hole,8-port, height 91,90mm 73037 '94~'98
35mm exhaust port hole,8-port, height 91,90mm A0401 '99~'2010 

60433 - MK1 - Transfer 124deg, Exhaust 192deg, 33mm ex port, 6.3:1 Compression ratio corrected (with appropriate head & dome piston)
66650e - Mk1 Racing - Transfer 124deg, Exhaust 194deg, 35mm ex port, 7.6:1 Compression ratio corrected (with appropriate head & dome piston)
72625 - MK2 - Transfer 125deg, Exhaust 190deg, 35mm ex port, 8.2:1 Compression ratio corrected (with appropriate head & dome piston)
73037 - MK2 Rep/Ev1 - Transfer 130deg, Exhaust 190deg, 35mm ex port, 10.2:1 Compression ratio corrected (with appropriate head & flat piston)

A0401 - Ev2/SP525 - Transfer 124deg, Exhaust 188deg, 35mm ex port, 7.1:1 Compression ratio corrected (with appropriate head & dome piston)

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Cagiva mito cylinder heads 

200A - dome
200C - dome
200G - dome (smaller squish)
200H - flat
200L- sp dome
200M - flat, original Mito EV SP (race only)
200E - dome
200N - dome (SP525)
200D - dome (Planet) 

200h is for flat top piston normally 1 ring, but i have seen twin ring flat top pistons for sale.

200c is most common for dome top twin ring.

Then u have 200g which is also for dome top twin ring but maybe used on taller cylinders, or to gain more squish if needed.

200m etc all for SP where the O rings sit inside the cylinder and not the head.

Cagiva mito Exhausts 

Blades" mk2 Lucky Explorer:
Silencer black carbon (same as Evo's CRC silencer) 68091
Exhaust :
RH-side *Cagiva 68090*
LH- side 8000-75642

Evo mk1 '94~97 :
Kevlar silencer: Cagiva 68091 DGM 50978-S ??
RH-side Cagiva 68090 DGM 50978
LH-side 8000-77925

Evo mk1 '98 Lucky Explorer:
Kevlar silencer: Cagiva 78335 DGM 54458-S .
RH-side Cagiva 86587 DGM54458-S
LH-side 8000-86587

Repairing a Cagiva Mito End Can silencer

Here is an alternate way of repairing an end can if the carbon-kevlar tube is not totally junked and replacing is not mandatory.

The part of the damaged tube must be removed. I would still be comfortable if the rest of it is 20cm in length at least. Use a piece of thick sandpaper to mark your cutting line. Any metal saw will do the rest of the job.

The same length should be removed from the perforated pipe.

And then welded back in again if necessary.


Piston to barrel clearance

 something everyone should have in his toolbox. Piston fit fillers are cheap and very useful. You will need 0.002, 0.0025 & 0.003 inch feeler guages as these will cover most of your needs. 

you can pay up to £400 for a set of feeler gauges not what id pay but you can if you want
me i bought the ones below in link not that expensive but not cheap .


Cylinder honing 
again buy good not cheap rubbish 

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