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Cagiva mito 125 for sale here on Ebay UK

Cagiva mito 125 parts for sale here on Ebay UK 


How’s the Mito restricted?

To start with lets go over the basics of how your bike is restricted in 3 ways,
1. Air box , the standard air box has small round rubber snorkels, obviously they air restricting the amount of air flow to the carb,
2. The exhaust expansion chamber, A plenum chamber is attached to it near the manifold, this basically ruins the way the exhaust works and is the main reason the bike is restricted.
3. Carb jetting, It is not technically restricting the performance its just set up to run right with the other two restrictions mentioned above. But in derestricted form its way to lean and your motor WILL go pop very quickly.

You will need:
Derestricted air box snorkels, silicone sealant, high temp exhaust paint.And a new set of Jets for the carb. (Optional a sports exhaust system, more on this later)

W.S.M (workshop manual)
Basic set of metric spanners and sockets,
Hex drivers (Allen Keys)
Angle grinder (or hacksaw and a File)
Mig welder ( or a trip to your local welders!)
Screw drivers
Referring to the W.S.M / owners manual at all times if you don’t know how to do something.
Step one

First off remove the tank it just makes life a lot easier.
Remove the fairings, both sides and then the seat unit.

Step two
Take off the entire exhaust system.
Option 1, using your grinder / hacksaw remove the plenum chamber

cagiva mito derestricted

Clean up where it came off so there is no lip.

Cut a patch about 5 mm wider all around than the hole that the plenum chamber has left in your expansion chamber, If you don’t have any suitable mild steel sheet lying around cut it out of the plenum chamber.
Weld the patch over the hole.

Give it a good paint. (why not do the whole thing at the same time if it’s a bit rusty?)

Put the exhaust system back on

Option 2, Stick that exhaust on ebay, and put on your shiny new SPORTS exhaust .
see our post on exhausts here 

Step three
Air box snorkels pull the old round ones out , replace with your de-restricted ones, seal them in with the silicone sealant or use Cagiva EV1 version air filter (bunny eared)

bunny ear mito filter

Cagiva mito bunny ear Airfilter on Ebay UK 

CAGIVA mito 125 blog
Cagiva Mito125 Derestrcited AIR-FILTERS on Ebay UK

Step four
Change your carb jets

Fitting new (de-restricted) jet
Remove carb, this may require the loosening of the air box and removal of several parts. Use common sense and follow the manual.

Carb is full of petrol, now that it is disconnected and the petrol pipe from the petrol tank is shooting petrol all over your feet turn the petrol tap off.

The carb must be emptied of petrol by turning it over and over a few times.

Turn carb upside down and remove big brass bolt on the bottom.

Find the jets which are the same size and shape as the new ones, one is on the top next to the float (if the carb is upside down), one is underneath the medium sized jet in the middle,r. Double check sizes and shapes and lengths before replacing and use the exact size screwdriver to remove as they are very easily to damage
and your carb is useless with stuck damaged jets.

Cagiva Mito Carb Jets on Ebay UK 

Cagiva Mito Carb Jets on Ebay UK 

                                             120 main jet

cagiva mito 125 carb jetting restriction

cagiva mito 125 main jet

Buy arrows exhausts on Ebay UK here

Buy 120 main jet on Ebay UK here

Buy Air filters on Ebay UK Here

When removing jets use a flat bladed screwdriver which is in good condition, no rounded off edges or you will strip the heads on the jets and make them difficult to remove.

Use the minimum necessary force at all times, remember that brass jets are hollow and weak.
When tightening up jets only tighten them until they seat  all your doing is making sure it will not move, use the minimum force necessary.

When your carb is off the bike it is a good time to clean the petrol filter, this is under the black plastic cap with the big thick black petrol pipe attached to it.

The bolt which holds the cap on over the filter easily stripped.

Replace all your fairings and fire up

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