Friday 26 July 2013

Cagia Mito 125 will not start , not starting issues

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Cagia Mito 125 will not start  , not starting issues

You need all the above to get the engine to run.

Remove the plug, reconnect it to the HT lead, hold it on the cylinder whilst turning the engine over and you should see a spark.

Whilst plug is out do a compression test. use a decent compression gauge to do the test .
good compression is a must <90psi and bike would not start <100psi starting problems risk of seizure 120/130> good ,

Check fuel is fresh and getting to the carb (put some fuel in spark plug hole)

Check air filter is clean

spark problem - duff spark plug, cap, ht lead, coil - CDI , check timing .

Try the obvious first.

its all easy stuff really !!

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