Monday, 7 September 2020

Cagiva Mito 125 regulator and charging system testing .

Need a multimeter try here 

need a new regulator rectifier try here 

need generator alternator try here 

First ill show a quick test on diodes inside you regulator rectifier .

You are just checking current flow through the regulators diodes in forward and reverse bias.

connect + lead of multimeter to further left connector pin 
and common lead to 2nd pin from left you should get a voltage reading of around 0.6 
here i get 0.52 which is ok

then test 3rd pin from left it should give same reading 

now connect common lead of multimeter to left pin and + lead 
of meter to the second pin from left you should get OL telling you no 
current is flowing as it should be.

Now test with + lead of meter to third pin from left and same OL
no current flow 


now connect common lead to the further right hand side 
and + lead to second from left you should see 0.6v i get 0.52 which is ok 

move red + lead to thurd pin from left and should get 0.6v again i get 0.506 which is ok

Switch + lead to further right pin and touch blue to second and 
third pins and you should get 0L no current flowing 

That is a quick test the rest of images that follow show tests from Cagiva Mito workshop manual 

Need a multimeter try here 

need a new regulator rectifier try here 

need generator alternator try here 

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Beautiful 1994 Cagiva Mito 125 - Eddie Lawson Replica for sale

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Cagiva Mito 1994 Eddie Lawson Rep

Original Tool kit
Jetting and filter kit for FP (not currently fitted)
Twin or single pipes with original Cagiva cans and brand new Arrows
Around 8 months Mot
Approximately 23k miles (literally rides and looks like new)

Originally a Swiss import and in very very good condition for age. 
Starts and rides on the button, you just cant help stare at it - Simply Bella 
All paper work present with keys

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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Cagiva Mito 125 evo touch up paint Yellow and Red

 Product Specification

  • All our touch up kits consists of solvent basecoat colours and nitro synthetic clear coats.
  • Kits come complete with an easy to follow instruction fact sheet.
  • This kit contains a Basecoat colour and a Clear coat 2 bottles in total.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Cagiva Mito starter motor post

Here is and excellent book on motorcycle electrics buy it read

it and learn !!

Im going to collect info here on Refurbing starter motors for the Cagiva mito 125

I was hoping to do a full rebuild on this on but all it took was a bit of oil on the bearings and a good clean out and relube where needed .

But its quite easy to change the brushes and bearing on these stater motors and can save a lot of money .

Getting in is easy just three PH1 screws

here you see the brushes holder plate i cannot find these to but if anyone know let me
know and ill link to it .  i use sizes 5mm wide 8mm high 15mm long 

here im undoing the Brushes spring clip 

one you undo the main positive side brushes you can remove plate 

here are the positive side brushes the current  goes thought the connector on side of 
starter then through the field windings and then into the armature via the brushes 
then out again via the opposite side brushes 

the negative side brushes are  on the plate
and although it would be easy to change plate fiding them are hard 
i usually ......

Cut the old one off at spade connector then grind connector flat 
clean surfaces and re-solder the new brushes to this connector 
i did not have to do it this time but i will in the future .  

To change the Positive side brushes you will need to remove armature and winding
undo all the securing screws

remove drive gear retaining clip and gear 

                                         armature will come out and then you can access the brushes
                                      connector you need to clean and flux and then solder in new brushes
                                                 DONT FORGET THE INSULATION
thats all i have now ill update this when i do a full stater motor refurb and solder in new brushes
but have a go its quite easy .

Here are some brushes i use

and here are starter motors for sale Used .

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Cagiva Mito 125 Ultimate workshop manual bundle

It takes a lot of effort and time to collect create and host all the information contained in this blog
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Cagiva Mito 125 Workshop Manual Bundle PDF Download

Pdf workshop manuals for the cagiva mito all models , ive collected these over my years of owning an mito  .

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Cagiva Mito Manuals All Models
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 engine start up adivce
 dellorto tuning repair manaul
 mikuni tuning repair manaul
 oil pump set up
 timing set up
 top end removal guide
 two stroke tuning guide
 piston diagnostics guide
 spark plug diagnostics guide
sprocket mph calculator
and more
engine strip and rebuild pictorial
and more

for more Cagiva Mito parts try here