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Cagiva Mito 125 Tuning upgrades and accessories

Cagiva Mito 125 Tuning upgrades and accessories

Cagiva mito 125 blog index pages 

Cagiva Mito parts for sale 

this is not an in depth tuning guide just a guide to parts available , it up to you to find out the
gains or losses experienced by changing these parts and also to ensure you bike is set correctly after .

me i do not bother im happy with the standard bikes as they are cagiva made then pretty spectacular anyway , but have done most of these things over time .

found this from an italian mito owner , very useful tuning info .

mito tuning pdf


cagiva mito 125 sp parts and original mito parts .

the tm35mm carb fitted to early mito evos .

200h cylinder head also fitted to earlier mitos , these you a flat topped piston also .

sp parts in an italian magazine 

 marchesini wheels very rare 

SP92-94 Crank

SP95-99 Crank

SP Full Ignition Kit inc Crank

                                                                           SP95 Harness Kit

                                                                     SP92 Ducati Ignition

                                                                 SP92-94 Ducati Ignition


                                                               SP95-99 Kukosan Ignition


SP Ducati Coil

                                                                      SP Ducati Regulator

                                                                         SP95 ECU (8750CTS)


                                                     SP95 Expansion


SP Front Forks

SP Ceriani Rear Shock

machined Rear Caliper Bracket

SP Kick Starter

Aluminium Rear Subframe

 415 Sprocket Kit

Adige Reed Cage & Reed Kit

after market parts 
cagiva mito 125 polini big bore kit   



cagiva mito 125 pistons 

cagiva mito vertex pistons 
                                                              cagiva mito 125 wossner piston
cagiva mito 125 wiseco piston 

cagiva mito 125 race exhaust systems 

cagiva mito 125 jolly moto sports exhaust 

                                                          giannelli sports exhaust cagiva mito 125

                                                                                 buy here 

Thought id have a look around see what add ons you can buy , click on product name , link to
see the products and purchase on ebay if you want them .

click here to buy now







in progress and adding stuff as found please if you can add anything send me a link , photo
id apreciate the help .


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