Friday, 9 December 2016

Cagiva mito 125 7 speed gearbox 5P engine Gears ( difference )

I get asked a lot about the differences between the 7 speed and 6 speed bikes .

Usually the 7 speeds are fitted alonmg with better barrels carbs and exhausts so yeah there is a big difference , i have tried and ordinary 6 speed with a 7 speed and yes it was also fun .

Im not the sort to obsess about power and gear ratios etc but yes 7 speeds are fun but then again so are 6 speeds .

Here is how you tell if you engine is 6 or 7 speed and the mechanical differences .

As you can see in above picture ( not very clearly )  the engine code stamp 5P this tells me it is the 
7 speed engine .

under this stamp is the engine number 

Mine begins with BG97   which tells me its a 1997 model so a cagiva mito evo 1 1997 .

That s how you tell year and if its 7 speed from the outside of engine .

Here are the internal differences 

The engine cases are thje same as in a six speed Cagiva just shave off a bit of metal to be able to squeeze in the extra gear .

close up picture of machined casing 

The only other differences are in the gearbox itself obviously 7 gears on input - output shafts 

Cagiva also added an extra selector fork which is needed to select the gear , i presume the shafts are the same lengths as before to avoids case changes and i also assume the selector drum would be different ill find out when i get a 6 speed in bits to compare .


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