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Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

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Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

Just thought id do a post on the fueling side of  Cagiva mito 125 

It a pretty simple system using the Carburetor , Reeds .

Fuel System consists of

-Fuel Tank
-Fuel Tank Tap - inc built in Fuel filter
-hoses which sometimes have a fuel filter added
-Carburetor which meters the fuel via specifically sized jets
-Inlet manifold
- Reed valves

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Carbs fitted to the Cagiva Mito  in the Past are the

Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

Mikuni 35mm  TM35    early model unrestricted models pre emissions regulations


Mito Evo racing '95 original settings Mikuni tm35:

throttle slide 5.5
jet-needle 6AEL4-60, 4th clip from below, 2th from top
pilot jet 45
main jet 310
air screw 1.5 turns from closed

Mikuni tm35-1 'aftermarket' setting:

throttle slide 6.0
jet-needle 6EN11-53, 3th clip
pilot jet 20
main jet  350

Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

Dellorto PHBH 28BD and 28RD 

RD jetting

to update soon 

BD jetting 

115 main jet
55 idle jet
55 diffuser jet

rejet to these after you derestrict

120 main jet
60 idle jet
60 diffuser jet

Servicing the fuel system - check over .

-Clean out the air filter as well , and re-oil prior to fitting  ( not strictly fuel but important )
- Check inside the tank for any debris , water etc
- make sure any breather holes for the tank are clear and able to breath in air ( this could restrict fuel flow )
- Check and clean the internal tank tap filter
- After refitting check for leaks and refit hoses making sure
all hoses are tightly fitted and no leaks and no splits or damage to pipes .
- make sure fuel pipe is of adequate diameter and construction so as not to obstruct fuel flow .
- fit and inline fuel filter if needed .
- There is also a small filter on the carb , behind the inlet connection clean this as well .
- if the bike is running badly or will not start very well , then clean the carb out thoroughly
- Make sure all jets are correct sizes and set you float height correctly and clean the float
valve and hole out as well while you there .
- Check the inlet manifold for cranks and correct fitment , any leakage here will affect the
running of the bike and possibly cause a non start issue .
- check the reed valves hold the reeds up to a light source and you should not see much if
any light source through them if you can its a sign of wear and will affect the running .

Heres a photo of the internal fuel filter and it clearly shows the fuel filter on the end of the internal
tank fuel pipe , its worth stripping the tank tap down and cleaning out internally if problems persist .

No fuel:
pipes on carb correct
empty tank  ?? not taking piss but if you dont have at least third of a tank it could be too low .
Fuel tank lock vent blocked
Fuel tap off
Fuel tap blocked
Fuel line blocked , corroded
Float valve siezed
fuel filter blockage
fuel filter at carb blocked

see our trouble shooting post here 

Cagiva  fuel taps
Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

The carb inlet filter is fitted behind the inlet connection pipe pull it out and clean it as this could cause a
restriction in the fuel line
Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

Cagiva mito reed valves 

Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

Obviously check for broken petals , correct fitting , and also check for signs of warping  are below.

Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems


You could just dump it all in your ultrasonic cleaner , get one they are excellent 

Cagiva Mito 125 fuel system , no fuel problems

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