Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cagiva Mito Starter motor solenoid relay testing

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Testing the solenoid , this one i tested has corrosion on the secondary contact plates so was unable to
test fully .

ill update asap .

its quite and easy test .

First test the primary coil with a multimeter set to continuity / ohms and listen for buzzer to
confirm coil wire is intact .

if it buzzes it signals a good coil so solenoid should switch at least , if not you have a damaged
coil so you need to replace solenoid .

Need a Multimeter try here mines a kewtech and it has been excellent .

If it beeps you can then test the secondary side of solenoid and that the coil is actually switching and moving the contact plates .

Testing the secondary side of the solenoid , can be done by putting 12v to the primary terminals
you should hear a click , this tells you the contact pate is moving under the magnetic effect of the
energized primary coil .

 you need a 12 volt power source , battery  .

I use a power probe they are cheap and make power testing safer  ( buy powerprobe here )

you then have to connect the negative clip and positive tip of power-probe to primary 12v terminals
to energize the coil .

you should here it click , at the same time you should connect you multimeter set to continuity
across the main large terminals .

the energized coil should move contact plate the connect the two large terminals together creating
a circuit  and continuity , hard to expain but easy if follow below drawing .

or instead of using a mulitmeter you can use a test lamp , when you 
energize coil the bulb should light to confirm complete circuit .

Possible problems 

if the primary test fails ie ,  no continuity it means primary coil is damaged is faulty so solenoid needs replacing .

if secondary test fails to click it could mean contact plate mechanism  is seized and
will not move to make electrical contact , sometime throwing solenoid to the floor or tapping with 
hammer will free it .

if it clicks bit test light or multimeter fails to light or signal continuity then the solenoid
contact plate , comtacts are probably worn , pitted or rusted , sometime tapping or banging can 
clean off the contacts but not often and a new solenoid is needed .

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