Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cagiva mito 125 engine removal , removing the engine .

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I have got to take an engine out for rebuild , thought id take some photos and upload them .

Does not have to be done in this order but it will give you a rough idea of how easy a job it is .

Fairings have been removed already , and battery is disconnected and removed from bike .

remove carb if its just temporary i let it hang over side of bike after
making sure its dry , save allt he hassle of cables .

                       Remove coil wires and ht leads and you can remove from water bottle

Remove Pv servo from water bottle and i also remove from cylinder barrel
and leave cables all in place .

Start to drain oil from the pil drain plug 

Take coolant lid off it will drain faster

After a while take of the radiator hose connections 

                                                      unclip the radiator brackets

                                        undo and remove pipe from under coolant bottle
                                                                  and top pipe too
                                                    loosen and remove clutch cable
                                and on some models the speedo cable connection
                                            disconnect the oil pump drive cables

remove the exhaust springs 
and PV assembly 

spring removal 

                                                   remove the back exhaust mount
                                remove all the PV assembly bolts including one near the cable wheel

                            remove starter motor cable , ( make sure battery is already disconnected )

remove thermostat radiator hose 

make sure 
chain and gear linkage are removed and out of the way

Drop the oil if you want to here as its easier than after you have removed engine 

dont forget the alternator , engine wiring connections 

i loosen the 4 upper engine mount bolts 

                                           you can slit the upper mount in two via this
                                            allen key i sometimes use this to fit the engine

                                          Main engine / swing arm bolt , this can be a real pain
                                          ive even broke engines getting this out , id start WD40
                                          and lubricating this a few weeks before doing this job

so bolts removed , upper mount bolts lose but still holding engine 

engine lift in place 

tap the main engine / swing arm bolt through 
this one was easiest ive ever done .

i then use a spanner to grip bolt and pull and tap 
with hammer at same time 

thats it engine is out 

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