Wednesday 31 July 2013

Cagiva Mito 125 engine running in procedure

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With a motor which runs to 11,000 revs , it should be obvious that you DO NOT just assemble , fire it up and run it straight up to max revs.

sensible procedure is to restrict the revs to 8000 for the first 100 miles , increasing by 1000 rpm every 100 miles until the max of 11,500 is reached.

both whilst running in and latter ,its important that high revs and wide throttle openings are avoided until optimum operating temperature's are reached , when running at high speed for continuous periods always pay attention to the temp gauge if it rises above 75 degrees , back off as something is wrong .

ALWAYS USE good quality fully synthetic , two stroke oil such as Castrol tts and make sure the oil pump is correctly adjusted .

always run the bike on super unleaded 97 octane petrol .

REMEMBER that your bike is a race bike , it produces 250hp per litre , a Yamaha r1 produces 

150 hp per litre . the Cagiva Mito and rs125 Aprilia are not just ordinary motorcycles they are exceptional machines and the most highly tuned motorcycles you can buy .

if you decide to treat it as a racer and use 12,500 revs on a regular basis it will withstand this 

but not for long . remember a 125 race bike engine running at between 11,000 and 12,500 revs will have an expected life of 2 HOURS or 200 miles .

keeping the revs below 11,000 will mean your bikes engine will last longer .


cagiva mito 125 engine running in procedure


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