Tuesday, 1 May 2012

cagiva mito 125 compression testing

compression testing is important on a 2 stroke well on any motorbike  they give an indication of piston / rings wear and general engine wear and tear .

compression tester cagiva mito

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heres a video of a compression test and below some typical results and there general meanings.

To do a compression test properly -

Warm engine to operating temperature

Remove spark plug

Screw in compression tester

Open throttle wide open

Engine kill switch off

Hold starter button for a few seconds until maximum pressure is achieved

As a guideline:

80 psi - should be struggling to start not long left till failure

100 psi - very low change rings /  barrel
120 psi - rings wearing

150 psi - rings in as new condition for stock machines

180 psi - rings in as good condition for tuned machines

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