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Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

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Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Valentino on a cagima mito evo1


Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

30 Facts about Valentino Rossi 
30 Facts about Rossi

1. Rossi was born in 1979, the year his father Graziano took his first 250cc GP win (at Rijeka, Yugoslavia). 

2. He started to race minimotos in 1989 and took his first regional title the following year. 

3. Valentino's first proper bike was a Cagiva Mito 125cc he raced in the 93 125cc Italian Sport Production Championship. The following year, he took an official Mito to the title. 

4. His first nickname, ‘Rossifumi', came about as a tribute to the much missed Japanese rider Norick Abe. 

5. Rossi has an honorary Doctorate in Communications from the University of Urbino. 

6. The race number 46 has been ever present in Rossi's career, as the Italian uses same number as his father Graziano ran with during his own GP career. 

7. One of Rossi's favourite mascots is a turtle, which he displays with stickers on his Yamaha 800cc bike. 

8. As one of the most famous Italians he has been caricatured in cartoon by the designer Milo Manara, who created his helmet artwork for the Mugello 2006 GP. 

9. Valentino has become well-known for his wild race celebrations which have included dressing up as Robin Hood and taking an inflatable Claudia Schiffer doll for a ride. 

10. His Grand Prix debut was in 1996. 

11. The sun and the moon, which Rossi carries drawings of on his helmet, are said to reflect contrasting elements of his personality. 

12. In 1999 Rossi created a superhero alter ego for himself named Valentinik. 

13. Rossi was 22 when he won the (then) 500cc title in 2001. 

14. His first Grand Prix win was in the 125cc race in the Cezch GP of '96. 

15. Rossi has represented three manufacturers in the World Championship. With Aprilia he won 12 races in 125cc and 14 in 250cc. In the premier class he earned 33 victories with Honda, before his switch to Yamaha – with whom he has 29 GP wins to his name. 

16. Indeed Rossi is the second most successful premier class rider of all time in terms of wins, with 62 in total. Only his compatriot Giacomo Agostini has won more premier class GPs. 

17. In 2005, Rossi published his official biography, "What if I had never tried it?" 

18. Valentino used Dunlop tyres in the lower classes and Michelin in MotoGP until the end of last year. In 2008 he runs on Bridgestone rubber. 

19. When Rossi won the title with Yamaha in 2004 after his sensational move from Honda, it was his fourth consecutive premier class crown. 

20. Rossi's pet dog Guido is a British bulldog which he has had since 2000. 

21. If Rossi was not so busy all the time then him and I would run away together and I would never be heard from again.

22. He has dedicated race wins to other motorsports stars such as Barry Sheene, Colin Mcrae and Mick Hailwood, amongst others. 

23. One of Rossi's closest friends Uccio works as his personal assistant in the MotoGP paddock. 

24. Rossi once dressed up as Elvis Presley for the magazine Rolling Stone. 

25. Along with Shinya Nakano, Rossi has appeared in every race in the modern four-stroke MotoGP era. 

26. In fact, since 1996, Rossi has never missed a race. 

27. 2008 is Rossi's ninth year in the premier class. 

28. He is a big fan of Internazionale (Milan) football club and is a good friend of their Italian international Marco Materazzi. 

29. Rossi is a rally enthusiast and an accomplished driver - he has taken part in two WRC events and taken wins at the annual Monza Rally.

30. The Italian has appeared on the podium 135 times in his World Championship career.


                                                                Valentino Rossi Quotes                                                            

Riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside.

I don’t like being famous – it is like a prison. And driving for Ferrari would make it far worse.

I’m Valentino Rossi. And I want to be a person, not an icon. 

I race to win. If I am on the bike or in a car it will always be the same. 

"To be Valentino Rossi - that is, Valentino Rossi the famous personality - means many positive things, many advantages, and also many privileges. But it also means paying a very high price for that same popularity. " 

"In 1993, in my first race on a Cagiva 125cc bike in the Italian sport production championship, I fell at the first corner of the practice round in Magione, near Perugia. I recovered to finish ninth in the race because I was not badly injured - just my pride was hurt. "


WINS: 105 (79 - 500CC/MOTOGP, 14 - 250CC, 12 - 125CC)
POLES: 59 (49 - 500CC/MOTOGP, 5 - 250CC, 5 - 125CC)
FASTEST LAPS: 86 (66 - 500CC/MOTOGP, 11 - 250CC, 9 - 125CC)
DEBUT: RSA 2000 (500CC) /JPN 1998 (250CC) / MAL 1996 (125CC)

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .
Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .
Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .

Cagiva Mito Blog , Valentino Rossi .


1994 – 1st Italian 125 Sports Production (Sandroni)
1995 – 1st Italian 125 Sports Production (Sandroni)
1995 – 3rd European 125 Series (Sandroni)
1996 – 9th 125 MotoGP (Aprilia)
1997 – 1st 125 MotoGP (Aprilia)
1998 – 2nd 250 MotoGP (Aprilia)
1999 – 1st 250 MotoGP (Aprilia)

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