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Cagiva Mito Blog UK Motorcycle Track Days .

Take your cagiva  mito 125  out of the track for the day .

motorcycle , motorbike track day fun .

we all love riding motorbikes , but going to the track is the ultimate , if you have never been
you are missing out .

UK Motorcycle Motorbike track days  Check For Your Local Venue Here

Thing to check prior to turning up at race track , its obvious but many neglect some or even all of these thing
and end up not being involved , so make sure you and your bike are fully prepared .

make sure all are in good condition , well adjusted and legal .

Tyres , brake , engine , suspension , chain and sprockets , light (no visible light tape em up ) , noise (tracks have max noise level restrictions) , bring a tool kit lots of fuel and 2t oil , some people even take spare
clutch levers and footpegs ,

Fe Focused events Faq section .


You will find the answers to most questions listed below but if you require any assistance please call us on 0845 026 7272 or email info@focusedevents.com.

  What equipment will I need?
  • Helmet with an ACU/FIM gold standard sticker
  • Full or two piece leathers (zipped all the way round)
  • Leather gloves and boots
  • A back protector is advisable
  • Metal knee and/or toe sliders are not allowed
  My leathers don't zip all the way round, can I use them?
  • Yes if the zip extends 3/4 round the waist and no skin or undergarment is exposed when your arms are raised above your head.
  How do I know that the sticker on my helmet complies?
  • An example is shown here  
  Does my bike need a current MOT?
  • No, if your bike, road or track, complies with normal road safety regulations then it should be eligible to take part in a track day.  All vehicles must also comply with the noise limits applied at each circuit - for more information refer to the specific event.
  What checks should I carry out on my bike?
  • Your bike should be in good condition and safe for a track event
  • Tyres should be in good condition and tyre pressures set on the day for track use. Our tyre technicians can help you with this.
  • There should be no fluid leaks on the machine and the brakes should have plenty of material on the pads (if in doubt check with your dealer).
  • Make sure you have plenty of fuel. Fuel can be purchased at most circuits but not all, check the event itinerary for specific details
  What licence do I need?
  • All riders must be over the age of 18 and hold either a full (not provisional), unrestricted (not 33bhp restricted) valid driving licence issued by the DVLA. This must be either the new photo card licence (the counterpart is not required and cannot be accepted as a proof of your licence), the old style paper licence or the equivalent foreign licensing authority in the rider's country of residence. In any case, the appropriate category must be clearly indicated. Riders who have an ACU Road Race licence can also attend in the appropriate group.
  What can I do if I have sent my licence away or lost it?
  • Contact our office the last working day before the event (Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays) and we can arrange a licence check with the DVLA.
  What happens if I am late?
  • Find the Focused Events Operations Manager and he will arrange a personal briefing at the earliest opportunity. You will miss out on some track time if you arrive late.
  What happens if it rains or the weather is poor?
  • If it rains we will always run, unless the circuit becomes unsafe to use
  Will garages be available on the day?
  • Garages are available free of charge on a first come first served basis
  Can I bring friends and family as spectators?
  • Yes they are welcome at all of our events free of charge. However no dogs are allowed
  I am a bit nervous about my first time on track what else should I consider?
  • Before the day, make sure that for at least 2 nights before you get a good nights sleep, so you are fresh for the day
  • Arrive early for sign on and briefing, don't be stressed before you ride because your already late
  • Use the instructors, they are there to help
  • If the circuit is a long way from home, take a B&B the night before
  • Bring water for hydration
  • If you start to feel tired as the day goes on, either miss a session, or stop and finish your day with a smile
  • Don't think that half way through day one, you are really going to go for it! Day one on a Trackday is your first look into the trackday world
  Speed limits don't apply but are there any other rules of the road that do?
  • Don't arrive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we carry breath test equipment and reserve the right to not allow any rider on track that we think is either under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No refunds are given
  Can I ride in a group with my mates?
  • Only if you are of a similar riding ability
  • If it is your first time on track you will be placed in the Novice group
  • If you are new to the track place yourself in a group at a pace that will allow you to learn the circuit
  • If you place yourself in a group not ideal for your level you will be a danger to yourselves and others. We will move you to a better group for your level
  I want to get my moneys worth and ride for as long as possible?

  • If you start to feel tired as the day goes on, either miss a session, or stop and finish your day with a smile

just thought i put up some links to tracks that off track day events .

click on circuit to go to there websites

                                                                        Brands Hatch 

                                                                    Mallory Park 

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