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how to sell your my cagiva mito , how to sell a motorcycle online

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how to sell you cagiva mito                

first of all clean the bike thoroughly nothing worse that going to look at a bike
and its filthy , make the effort to clean it , it goes a long way and is just common sense imo.
especially clean under the tank and under the seat and in glove box ive gone to collect bike and
these areas i alway check and it just looks nasty , clean them and it look like you have looked after bike
,in fact they should aready be clean and you should already be looking after you bike if you have anything about you !!

make sure the wiring is nice and tidy too and safe ffs , ive picked some bikes up and the wiring under the seats looks terrible and possible dangerous , if your going to do wiring on your bike spend some time on it make it look neat and like its not likely to set fire any second  , make sure its safe!!

make sure its running nice no leaks anywhere fix any little problems that you can see
ie loose cables or fairing panels , inflate tyres ( ive gone to pick bikes up and they have had flats ??).

check tyres
check oil levels and service
check chain lubricated  and adjusted
cables adjusted
fairing clean and secure
brake fluid level and clean
brake work fine and pads good
ect etc theres loads to do just make sure everything is tidy , cleaned , topped up and well adjusted.

fully service the bike , change oil and change airfilter etc , and top up 2 stroke full , ive sold bikes in the past
without checking this only to have a buyer run bike out of 2t oil and then complain about it seizing by servicing the bike and topping up oils you give buyer and you the best chance possible  of a successful sale.

take good photos of the bike id recommend buying a decent camera but tbh most apple phones and mobile phone have decent
cameras on them these days , but make sure the bike is tidy and clean and park the bike where there are no other
distractions in the picture see example below it used to be enough just to have a picture but now to
sell your better than the others listed you have to take good photo product shots .

take photos in good light wait till a better time rather do it it bad light
take bike to an empty cark park or similar so no other distractions
take photos of every angle
most sites allow 10 pics for free so use them all

examples od BAD photo in ebay today < sorry if there your but they are not the best

                                                            sideways ??
not too bad but clutter behind it

examples of good (could not find any on mito lol so used rs125 examples)
fuckin hell its hard to find good examples here soem pretty good ones lighting not the best though
but good enough .                    

make the bike the only thing noticable in the picture do not surround bike with junk .

also do a video of the bike , a tour around it and also you starting the bike up and listening to the sound
of the engine you can upload to youtube or similar and most site allow direct video upload to advert anyway ,
this will help sell you bike .

when doing description dont go to mental you see some essays on some listing but lets be honest im not
going to read everything on there and im liable to miss something and complain , so keep in brief imo .

i usually do a bulleton piont list of good points and bad points , there a brief right up description
i read somewhere on ebays help page that most people only read first 2 lines on a description
so the rest is wasted .

i always use a professional looking template , make you listing stand out a bit theres tons on ebay but you can stand out but looking a leat tidy , listing i see are messy and ive done a bit of that myself its lazyness and it happens , i use , USE.COM ebay templates there are loads of these but
ive always used these .

BE HONEST this is the most important thing , do exagerate the condition of the bike , the buyer will likely
have to travel a long distance to collect so be fair and honest and tell them to study photos
and video for condition tell them to make there pre-purchase desicion based on the quailty photos
and videos you have provided for them .

-dont say the bikes in excellent condition if its not , excellent to me is immaculate like the day it left the factory
to some excellent is a lot lot less .

-dont say engine is rebuild if it has not been you not being fair to buyer , they might miss an important service
ie piston change and cause more damage to there new bikes or even an accident , be as honest as possible
its the better option in the long run .

-dont ask stupid money for bike , this is the modern era people can access 20 site to find the best prices
,ive lost count of how many idiots try listing there bikes on ebay or elsewhere for £2000 or something
when the current price is around £1100-1300 , your just wasting your time and listing fee money , ive seen bikes
repeated and at £10 on ebay and £20 on auto trader 3 or more times thats £30-60 wasted , if your bikes in better than
average condition then charge a bit extra £100-200 more but dont go silly , if you have bought £600 worth of chrome and carbon fibre
bits and bobs dont expect buyer to pay for this , you would be better of refitting original bits and selling them seperate
either you want to sell or you dont so ask a fair price !! and save youself time and money .

when buyers visit make sure you have the bike out ready and waiting dont be digging bits out of the shed while they are
there or running around looking for keys or paperwork when they arrive , have it all ready run up and ready for test ride
or test run up in fact dont let em test ride it if they drop it they will walk away and leave you with a mess , i had one seize a bike once he walked away , my fault though i should of had it warmed up ready or not let him ride it at all , people always think they can ride a bike even if they cannot .

when they buy do the paperwork properly £80 fine now from dvla for failure to notify so make sure its done
dont get talked into them taking paperwork away and doing it themselves or anything else do it there
straight away then post it off to dvla the same day .

so thats all i can think of , probably missed loads i really should make notes before starting a post instead of winging it,
if you can add anything let me know always learning .

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