Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Cagiva mito Basic maintenance and repair motorcycle tool kit


cagiva mito tool kit 

you got to have a good set of tools if you intent on having a motorbike , motorbikes seem to take a bit more
on going maintenence than a car does .
and a cagiva mito will take a bit more than most , in fact any 2 stroke not just the mito .

After you have owned a bike for while and you know quite a lot about it , it can be fun to do repairs , thats what i tell ,myself anyway .

but if you want to save money its a must .

2 rules for tools , buy quality and look after them !! i hate going around freinds houses to work on there bike , im not going to use my tools on their bikes, end up using some metal cantilever toolbox from the 60s that is dropping to pieces and weighs a ton , with rusty tools from the same era too  , but still better than cheap chinese rubbish that snaps in 2 when you need it the most .

buy quality and look after them dont let other people use them or borrow them pack then away and clean then at the end of the job .

heres some of the tools i have , i started out with rubbish but you soon realise that quality tools are
worth 10x the value of cheap rubbish , you dont have to buy snap on or anything,far too dear for me (in uk anyway) i use britool where possible .

these are the tools i have buy snap on if you can or similar brands as long as there good quality , and feel good to use i stick with britool as i know there good and reasonable price but would nuy all snap on if i could afford it .

If i can find one ill add a link to the names so you can see them on amazon

Clarke 9 Drawer Ball Bearing Roller Tool Chest (took me years to get on of these now there well cheap )
Britool metric spanner set X2  you will need 2 sets of spanners (1 12point 1 6 point set)
britool 1/4 3/8 and  1/2 inch socket sets
bahco adjustable spanner set (wide jaw rubber grip)
britool scredriver set Posi and Flat head mix all sizes
britool pliers set (standard , long nose and snips )
britool  (mole) grip locking pliers (rubber handle if you can find)
britool expert hammer set

right then thats all i can think of right now ill update asap if i think of anything else .

my toolkit video before i went britool some good tools some bad ill try to do another one of these soon 
why i dont know but there you go !!

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